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RM 8.50

Using a special blend of four different mushrooms with a touch of cream, served with warm bread roll.


RM 7.50

Fresh, organically grown salad greens with garden veggies, seeds and cranberries. Served with balsamic & olive oil dressing.


RM 17.50

Aromatic tikka of chicken breast, thickened with cashew nut, gratinated mash potato & Cheddar cheese. Served with a side salad.

RM 24.50

Tender braised beef brisket with mushrooms & root veggies, gratinated mash potato & Cheddar cheese. Served with a side salad.


RM 15.50

All-time favourite of tender, slow-cooked beef ragu. Topped with a drizzle of olive oil and shaved Provolone cheese.

RM 14.50

Spaghetti lightly cooked in premium olive oil with fresh garlic, shimeiji mushrooms, zucchini and carrots.

RM 14.50

Spaghetti with house-made basil pesto, served with roast shimeiji mushrooms, blistered baby tomatoes & shaved Provolone cheese.

RM 22.50

Spaghetti slathered in our secret mushroom-based "carbonara" sauce, accompanied with house-made duck bacon, Provolone cheese & a squeeze of lemon.


RM 18.00

Two grilled chicken sausages lightly spiced with paprika, served with buttery mash potato & slathered in caramelized onion gravy. Served with a side salad.

RM 19.50

Succulent pan-fried chicken schnitzel, with tomatoes, napoli sauce & Cheddar cheese grilled to perfection. Served with a side salad.

RM 36.50

Fresh salmon fillet grilled to pink & juicy perfection. Served with traditional dill sauce, mash potato & vegetables.

RM 39.50

Fall-of-the-bone tender, a whole lamb shank served in it's mushroom & buttermilk braise, with mash potato.


RM 10.50

A set of 2 freshly-baked scones with our homemade jam, marmalade, clotted cream or butter.


RM 5.50

A light, delicate & floral blend of the finest Darjeeling estates.

RM 5.50

Our special version of this bergamot-scented classic.

RM 5.50

Pleasant, balanced and not too strong.

RM 5.50

The staple picker-upper, robust & invigorating.

RM 8.00

Exceptionally smooth, with a slightly malty profile and medium strength, characterized by its strong toning effect.

RM 8.00

A savoury & mysterious 'grand cru' tea from Guria, Georgia. Green tea is high in bioactive compounds & antioxidants.

RM 6.50

Unique blend of black & green loose-leaf tea. Refreshing & crisp, with a touch of sweetness.

RM 6.00

Top grade keemun with fragrant rose petals for a soft & delicate flavour

RM 6.00

Sensationally fruity & aromatic. Our most popular flavoured tea.

RM 6.00

Deeper, earthy tones thanks to the magic of cocoa.

RM 6.00

Black tea with subtle but toasty coconut - fun, different & quite special.

RM 6.00

Light, sweet aroma with the delightful, soothing taste of cherry.

RM 6.50

Black tea base with mango, passion fruit, strawberry and apricot - perfect for any time of day!

RM 8.00

Premium grade leaves from Dong Ding, Taiwan. Cured, roasted and rolled for deeper flavour. Smooth and lingering.

RM 6.00

Soothing & calming like no other. *CAFFEINE-FREE

RM 6.00

Clean taste, fresh aroma - good digestive aid. *CAFFEINE-FREE

RM 6.00

Highest quality sweet smelling flowers from France. To relax & ease stress. *CAFFEINE-FREE

RM 6.00

Bright, rich & deep flavour, with excellent antioxidant properties. *CAFFEINE-FREE

RM 6.00

Sweet & herbaceous - helps with digestion & gas, too! *CAFFEINE-FREE

RM 20.00

A Malaysian original, this healing tea is harvested from mature, organic plantations in Penang. *CAFFEINE-FREE

Coffee & Chocolate

RM 6.00

Brazil, medium dark, locally roasted

RM 8.50

16-hour cold extraction then bottle-matured. Naturally sweet profile, low acidity, good kick

RM 12.00

Made the old-fashioned way, with real single-origin couverture. Have it hot or iced!

Soft Drinks

RM 8.50

Sweet, juicy market-fresh fruits blended into a different flavour every day!

RM 5.50

A tangy, zesty refreshment made from hand-pressed lemons

RM 6.50

Floral & earthy keemun tea with fresh lemons

RM 6.50

Black tea fragrantly scented with peach

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